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tv   Fox 8 News at 7PM  FOX  November 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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from progressive field, on game six, world search. >> only one more game is what they need to be the champions tonight theyey have a advantag, absolutely electric home crowd. forgot to tell you,
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software game won it was greatat, tonight tops it. >> you can feel the energy buildingan. is going to be an amazing night. take you to the historic matchup between indians cubs, joining us is the last manager to take the the tribe to world seriesth the sides insured, who is h beh the party at napolis? >> beginner team coverage with john telich. with that everybody is elevating their excitement
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round, in 2,005, josh tomlin ha the hopes of indians fans resting on his right arm. he has been impressive all season except for a month or so when he was out of it and that worked himself back in to be an. he has one after they have had losing streaks. he is theas and the respect of his teammate andnd most importantly of his manager. you don't throw 100 in the minors, you have to prove yourself at every level.ou whether fair or not it is the way it is. he has done that and then somehe for him to start this game tonight, ii think it is an hono. >> he embodies so much of what
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we are thrilled he is pitching tonight. and that is not from the manage speakan that is how we feel. says that they love him as a person they believe in him as a pitcher, i'm sure that he will do very well.l >> he has done very well in the postseason better than in the regular-season. >> exactly. >> tonight isth starting pitchers for game six, josh tomlinr for the tribe, he did a fantastic game friday. he will face jake arrieta. eke out the indians hitters on that cold night. i think that matters will be a lot more comfortable. it is 70 degrees november.
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carlos santana. leading off, the jason kipnis, francisco lindor, mike napoli, jose ramirez, lonnie chisenhall coco crisp, tyler naquin and roberto perez. for the cubs, center fielder dexter fowler leading off, then followed by kris bryant, anthony russo, ben zobrist, alice russell, wilson contreras, jason heyward and how they bias.s. >> you thought, they were now they're going to the tonight. it is packed with excitement.
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pitch. matt wright, was with you in chicago now he is here with the fans and progressive. these fans are really fired up.. the guy here as early as the gates opened at 5:30 p.m. they cannot wait for the game t beginin a lot of them are very optimistic. >> anticipating a victory tonight. we saw a two cubs fans. may be a sign that the tide has shifted in now this is what the said earlier. >> we were here at 330. >> we wanted to get some good spots and not be able to see th king..
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win tonight,us i hope that the parade is thursday and if wepe went tomorrow i am looking forward to the parade friday.. and back here, they're holding up their signs, they ar fired up and ready for this gam p the cavaliers game is underway.y. after that they come here to cheer on the indians.. a few lucky fans, scored tickets. the had to pay a hefty price. a cubs fan paid $1,000 per ticket. he spent $3,000 at the ticket
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amount that were sold. the fans said they did not mind the long way to see game six in person.h i sat in line in chicago 20 hours for game one fromn 2:00 p.m. until six the next night. he got a seat right behind the indians dugout. stay with us as we cover the indianss, world series title you can get updates at fox >> .an you can see the world series on fox 8,se first pitch is at 8. the last manager to take the indiansns to the world series. >> is no stranger to this
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us from progressive field with his thoughts as indians go for
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forbes magazine says it's he thought of sitting,
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a world series championship for the first time in many years. >> welcome back to progressive field, just one more victory is all they need for the world series. and now, they are back in cleveland in front of the home crowd and expected to be electric light as josh tomlin takes the mound. time to bring in one of my faves. this talk about the energy of the crowd and how that plays into the game. you would walk out of here in front of the lott of people.
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it was just energy. this series has come down to the pitching, josh tomlin, what you think tonight. i think that he has been doing up to his potential. is got a great curveball and he commands his fastball well. he can be really tough. is to throw strikes to stay ahead. howdy do calm the nerves. when terry francona recently
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cream. wanted to do to to calm your nerves. i read, i am a big reader. how is he able to keep this so loose throughout the playoff and series >> she is the manager. they have a lot of confidence i his ability toto know the parki. the all snow that you're not going to bless them in public
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is thank you mike hargrove, always great to see you. >> out that way don't see it tomorrow. got lonnie chisenha, tyler naquin, coco crisp in right field, mike napoli, at first, jason kipnis, and cisco lindor shortstop and was a romero center plate,, roberto perez and then josh tomlin on the mound. >> you've seen the signs and t-shirts one of the most popula catchphrases. o
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as melissa reid is standing by with the creator and joins us. can't go anywhere downtown without seeing it. it says the party at napolis. he is behind that. and joins us. take us back to the beginning started in april. we figure we would put the
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he walked up to me without introducing himself. a predictions about tonight is mark that it happens valley, why tonight?
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applied this week, that would b great. come into every game and holding signs? >> got a bit of mnemonic, i sprained ankle that is the father of anna tribe fan. >> maker of party at napolis, back to you. >> it is a perfect night. we've heard about the cubs curse of the billy goat that is still in effect. >> are getting some helplp to k it going. our friend jungle terry broad a goat to progressive field for the morning chill but we also
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the camera, tilted up a lot. >> this is what happens when yo equip livestock with cutting edge technology. the goat pro. >> you go nearly 70 years after winning a world title, you take all the help that you get o to morning crew sought out some divine intervention to help the indians. sisters from the clue to the congregation of saint joseph joinedd the morning crew to cla progressive field. they are big indians fans, they hope that the tribe and when a title and hope to be rival sisters in chicago
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ready to go. in a few hours, hopefully we will be celebrating a world series victory got you coveredu stay with us for complete postgame coverage. first pitch at 8:08 p.m.
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welcome back the indians proved that basebal has the power to energize the city. and region. >> jack shea joins us and shows how the pastime has the ability to inspirend. baseball has been a part of his life since he was born,e the 9-year-old granger elementary student is named after ty cobb.. >> because from a long line of cleveland indians fans, he was at the world series, at wrigle field in chicago with his famil to watch one of his favorites, jason kipnis,f who led the tribe to victory in game four.ed on sunday, when kipnis and others were signing autographs,
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francisco lindor had signed this had come in and this other one is jim thome, ottumwa had in the dugout for him to sign and he couldn't becausein there were pans and he did not want to sig it with a pen. >> he got another chance when h walked sy the dugout. >> i walked down with a marker and showed him i andke walked o and gave me his gloves. his reaction after jason kipnis gave him is that he clos was it's also good because it is like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it felt amazingus. he is predicting that jason kipnis willth come through agai and help the indians to win the world series.. as were those gloves, his dad is having been traineded and th will hang on the wall in his
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22nd season, jack shea, fox 8 news. the look on his face was priceless, we're just minutes away from the first pitch, game six of the world serieswnu. >> i want you to realize, as nervous as we are, my stomach has been in lots worker the indians are loose. i am amazed how they have been for this entire world series ru this feels is like another nigh in june at the ballpark. in josh tomlin father is in the house tonight. he is. >> stay tuned for game six of the world series, coming up on fox 8>>r >> stay with us after the world series for complete postgame
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>> home to the big world see big ten, the daytona 500, the u.s. open championship, the fifa world cup, andup the world's biggest events are on fox sports. >> we are fox sports. >> what do you do when you are faced with a dilemma? do you shy away from the problem? do you back down from the adversity?


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